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Chief engineers of APSTAR-6D satellite and President of APSTAR visited SATPRO to discuss Ku high-throughput applications

2020-07-12 / Number of views:1152

On July 11, 2020, Wei Qiang, Fifth Institute of CASC Chief’s Commander and Chief Designer of APSTAR-6D Satellite, Peng Yunhe, Deputy Chief Commander of APSTAR-6D Satellite, President Li Jie of APSTAR and Dr. Duan Yi, Director of Satellite Project visited our company, and accompanied by Han Lei, chairman and general manager of SATPRO, Mr. Zhao Yuguo, deputy general manager, and managers of various business departments, together visited SATPRO’s office area and the high-throughput satellite communication antenna assembly workshop. And after then they held an exchange meeting.

During the meeting, Mr. Han Lei introduced to Mr. Wei, Mr. Li, Mr. Peng and Dr. Duan the product layout and business scenarios, as well as the company‘s further product development direction and business model construction in the era of high-throughput satellite. At the same time, the parties jointly discussed the application scenarios of high-throughput satellites in airborne,maritime and vehicle-mounted applications, and agreed to jointly promote the application of high-throughput satellites in the market.

To meet the arrival of the Ku-band high-throughput era of APSTAR-6D, SATPRO has developed related products for the vehicle, ship, airplane and land mobile application markets.

About APSTAR-6D application

The communication capacity of APSTAR-6D satellites is dozens of times higher than that of conventional communication satellites. It mainly provides high-quality, efficient, and economical all-region and all-weather satellite broadband communication services for users in the Asia-Pacific region, which can meet maritime communications, aviation airborne communications,  land mobile communication, fixed satellite broadband Internet access and other application requirements.

In terms of commercial communications, it can provide the construction of super base stations for domestic operators, and provide high-quality satellite broadband communications services for users such as general aviation, ocean-going freighters, and scientific research ships.

In terms of emergency communications, it can achieve forest fire prevention, disaster relief, maritime rescue and remote area rescue.

In terms of public communications, it can realize services such as distance education, telemedicine, broadcasting and live broadcasting.

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